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January 3, 2014
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Contest Entry: Elementary - Panama by kamillyanna Contest Entry: Elementary - Panama by kamillyanna
Contest Entry for my waifu *melonstyle's Contest at :iconaph-elementary:
This is an AU.


» Country » Republic of Panama (La República de Panamá) 

» Name » Maria Núñez Delmara

» Nicknames/Alias » Ria (#1 nickname, please use this if shortening her name at all). Mar or Penny is good, too.

» Age » 18 - 19 by appearance

» Personality » (Lol gonna paste it from the ref and edit a few things)- In comparison to most loud and noisy Latin countries, Panama is nice and friendly like most Latina's are, yet can be a relaxed kind of quiet, not-so obnoxious, and shy since not all people know of her and her country. However she certainly has a lot to share and talk about - and can blab on and it can be hard to shut her up. She's very sweet to her friends, always greeting with a lipless kiss on the cheek. She can have quite a sharp attitude, and can get mad and fuming when in such a state, which happens over things she considers important like sports (sports are serious shit) and relations with countries she may be interacting with who can get her mad, but is usually mellow and positive, and can calm herself easily. Natural girl who loves animals and flowers, and is great with different creatures. Fashionable dresser and a great Latin dancer (Rumba, oh yes) - even to a more calm song like the Tamborito (national song + dance of Panama). Surprisingly enough, Maria is considered the life of the party during her Independence Day, and in all just loves big parties in general. Around strangers she can get incredibly awkward but with her friends, she's easy going and fun. It's easy to get her embarrassed, especially if you're a member of her family [Gran Colombia]. Flaws are included in her personality - She can get very dependent on others, since she herself does not have an official army, especially on her friends, and can be seen as very reliant. She gets prideful in things like the Canal and other factors that make the country so interesting. Sass is another thing she can be very good at under circumstances. Like most Panamanian women, Maria is also the insanely jealous type IF she does not know the person. She also doesn't word herself out to the world well, and prefers to stay quiet on the sidelines to assist rather than lead. Maria has most factors of a typical Panamanian woman. That means; professional and generally self-sufficient. Can be very motherly, sweet and attentive. Very passionate and openly express emotion. Also fun and enjoyable to be around. However, only to certain peoples she can be quite bossy and unafraid to make the first move, and expects a lot from that certain audience. She also reflects a typical Panamanian, cheerful and optimistic, since Panamanians are some of the happiest people on the globe. Good sense humor and a little teasing, so if you get fun remarks from her, you're a friend! In all, she is usually seen as a girl with a sunny personality, a bit confusing depending on the scene you see, but definitely a person who is welcoming and kind.

Good/Strengths; Works hard, keeping a cool attitude/being professional, welcoming, soft and gentle towards individuals, patient and motherly, attentive, positivity, excitement, really good humor, lots of spunk, a really good helping hand/always ready to help.

Quirks/Weaknesses; Biased when it comes to people she may be talking to (relation-wise. In the little comic above, Carmen gets a taste of it AHAHa//slapped), jealousy, can be push-over, has high expectations, gets worked up in arguments, proud, depends on her friends, competitive.

» Appearance » María has long curly black hair that reaches up to her waistline. She gained very thick and defined curls through Spanish and Colombian influence. Her bangs are split into an equal three which represent the three provincial-level indigenous regions in her country (Embera-Wounaan, Kuna Yala and Ngobe-Bugle). The strands that fall over her shoulders symbolize the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans which are on either side of the country Panama, connected by the canal (There was a geographical term -which i forgot, whoops- about area at a certain distance away from the country's land when going into water being considered part of that country unless it hits other land. When I say her strands over her shoulder  symbolize the Pacific and Atlantic, I actually mean that term, not the whole oceans- since she doesn't posses it all). The curl at the top of her head is a 'turned' 'S' shape. That is the shape of her country (as seen on the mini map on the image) and represents her capital, Panama City (thus why it is the country shape, for the literal "Panama" in the capitals name).
Panama has a one of a kind echo system hosting some of the most diverse wildlife in the ENTIRE hemisphere which is what her bright emerald colored eyes represent (I can't fit all the geo that this represents here, but in all, Panama is said to have three times more biodiversity than the U.S.A, Canada and all of Europe combined. It's also home to the second largest rain forest in the Western Hemisphere… and it is located in Panama City. The capital is the only one in the world to boast a rain forest within the city limits! There can be more, but mainly yes, her eyes represent the Panama City rain forest and overall country's bio/ecological diversity). 
Her skin is tanned, showing the Latin heritage of the nation. 

» Outfit » I cant really say a lot here because it's all visible on the ref, but- Being a Latin American country, that makes her a Mall Dweller- giving her not a uniform but freedom as to what she wishes to wear. Her outfit is simple, nice, and not overly flashy. The top is a one-strap green top with three slits coming from the shoulder where its held up. It covers most of the chest, no doubt. The skirt is light, airy and a soft beige color. She likes gold a lot, so does have a golden necklace, a few bracelets and an anklet. Shoes are high platforms. 

» Relations (Personality wise) with Mall Dwellers » 

Cuba/Carlos - Carlos is by far someone within the Mall Dwellers that she is most kind and friendly with. She considers him a good friend, and by far out of all the Mall Dwellers, he see's her normal nature most.

Colombia/Carmen - Carmen is a sister to her, no doubt. Even so, while she can be normal and sisterly to her, she tends to be a little snippy with her in particular, most of the time. Now a days, they don't really get along like they used to. They'd definitely try a pick at each other, but in a family sort of way. 

Venezuela/Elisa - They are like two gossip girls together. She talks to her often, but never really tells her personal things. That is because, much like Manuel, she is distant from Elisa and even while they seem to be treating each other so freely, it's not much in reality. She likes her company, they both love fashion and flashy things.

Ecuador/Manuel - They have always been distant, but still siblings. They are the neutral two who usually sat together patiently while Colombia and Venezuela bickered (often). That makes them simple towards one another, but she'd be friendly with him anyways. She his 'panama' hats.

Portugal/Catarina - Due to the fact that she does not know Catarina well at all, she is her more mature side around her, and if locked in conversation with her for a longer-than-usual time, she will get awkward and nervous about what she herself says.

Costa Rica - Much like Carlos, she is very close to Costa Rica as well. Even if they bicker about the borders very often, they get along really well. She'd be seen spending most of her time with either Costa Rica or Carlos from all the other Mall Dwellers, no doubt.

Mexico - She absolutely loves spending time with Mexico but they get competitive extremely easily. That means she can get snippy, defensive and passive-aggressive, but at the end of the day, it's all and good fun. She like Mexico's culture a lot, they often mingle, chat and drink Mexican Coca Cola together (when 'Mexico VS. Panama' isn't mentioned- lol)

(with history, its on her original character ref. Since in this AU they have not met the other Dwellers yet, I guess other relations are not important? Mel, you know where to find her original ref and other relations are there too in case you need them.)

» Shippings? » Mel, you know all my shipping preferences, aha- in this AU, no ships (?)


Hell yeah, this took forever

Anywho, yes, decided to simply go black-and-white for the little comic of her and Carmen.

Not much else to say so, yeah~

Art/Panama © Me
Colombia © *melonstyle
Hetalia © Himaruya Hidekaz
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