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.:APH:. Panama OC by kamillyanna .:APH:. Panama OC by kamillyanna
//EDIT 23/10/15// I'm never satisfied with the picture so I re-drew it again fjhdhjg I like this one way more;; sorry you can't see her flower! It's still there!
(Critiques that helped me build my character have been hidden so avoid misunderstandings, now that she's updated! Thank you all for the help~!)

Guides to drawing Panama:
.:APH:. Outfit Explanation [Panama] by kamillyanna.:APH:. Panama's Hair Guide by kamillyanna.:APH:. Panama's Body Guide by kamillyanna.:APH:. Panama's Facials Guide by kamillyanna

Any Critique? Please NOTE :note: Me
Oh! And please read carefully~!

.rules to using my panama oc.

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Country: Republic of Panama [República de Panamá]

Capital: Panama City

Language(s): Spanish, English, A bit of French.

Birthday: November 3rd (Independence from Colombia)

Human Name: María Inés Núñez Delmara (explained here)

Height: 5'0.5" / 5'1" [154 cm] (average height for a Panamanian female)

Age: 19 - 20 (by appearance)
[Nation wise, Panama is 514 years old since discovery and 112 since independence]

Personality: Humorous | Active | Clever | Attentive | Optimistic | Kind | Professional | Modern | Openhearted | Youthful | Life of the Party | Outgoing | Accepting | Confident | Expecting | Finicky | Defensive | Careless | Unpunctual | Jealous | Pushover | Biased | Selective | Loud | Gloat | Dependent | Passive-Aggressive | Self-Absorbed

Panama has a rather sunny and interesting personality. People don't often know of her but she certainty has a lot to share and talk about. As other Latin American countries, Panama is just as nice and friendly, and surprisingly loud as well, and under circumstance (such as a party) is the loudest. But even on that note, she isn't obnoxious often.
She has a very good sense of humor, because of her outgoing spirit. Telling jokes and hearing them in return, whether its puns or stories, she loves a good laugh and how much it lifts a mood. Her first priority in comforting another is actually to crack a few jokes if respectable. A sassy, sarcastic type of teasing is another thing she's good at, however it's very well-natured and means well. She has a very quick-tongue, and this can actually be seen as clever.
She reflects a typical Panamanian woman;
Professional and generally self-sufficient with personal business. She knows how to handle her own load as long as it is within her best interest.
Can be very motherly, and is sweet and attentive - she always listens to what someone has to say, and thus has very high expectation for this treatment in return. Panama treats others well, and is rather warm and kind. Due to this, she is very passionate and openly express emotion to friends as well such as being the type to always greet with lip-less kisses on the cheek. This love for others and socialization leads her to sometimes be a personal-bubble breaker, so to speak. She loves to hug and smooch, and immediately (due to her own social standards) assumes that this is perfectly accepted by everyone (even though it might not be).
And of course fun, and enjoyable to be around. This is the side of her she shows most of the time: The funny type of young woman, who also tends to get silly. At the age she is and how she's younger yet more modernized than so many other Latin countries.
Panama has a loose and free attitude towards many things. Her whole “life” involved being used and pushed around. Once she finally got more rights as a nation she grew into the party-loving free spirit that she is today. Panama loves to party, she holds the world's 2nd largest and greatest carnivals (only Brazil has her beat) and the month of November, even while her birthday is the 3rd, is celebrated the entire time as "Fiestas Patrias". Because of this, she ditches certain responsibilities and is loves to be late and sleep in and show up late (she's very unpunctual, which is insanely popular in Panamanian society). Sure, she knows she has responsibilities, she holds a lot of the dependence on world trade on her shoulders - this is exactly why this is a flaw. That is where she ends up being challenged in being “capable” of anything, along with being small.
Her sometimes 'carelessness' being challenged actually provokes her insanely defensive side. Don’t tell her she is unimportant or incapable, she would defend herself instantly and regardless of trying to be a good sport she likes turning the tables. You challenge her, she challenges you back.
This can be overlooked in her personality sometimes and others think she's shy and quiet merely because she doesn't tend to word herself well during meetings. Though in all truth, Panama loves to have fun and be out-going, she just needs the reason to be so, whether than reason is being with friends or at parties or other things she loves. Panama is the party type, so she'll be out and about enjoying them and living like her type of young woman. Being the party type, however, doesn't affect how she is still modest and has dignity. She is comfortable on the beach and with others yet she likes to wear long skirts and clothing that doesn't reveal far too much.
Even while she can be all those appealing things, she can have a sharp attitude towards other things that she doesn't like. Whether its the way she is treated or personality of the other, she can get wordy and mad. The good thing is that she knows how to calm herself easily, however it can take a while to actually recognize that she snapped a little, though once identified she tries her best to fix it. And so, to certain peoples who she doesn't like as much as kind neutrals or her friends, she can be rather bossy and unafraid to make the first move.
While she is proud of her ability to be confident, self-loving and has learned to trust herself due to her incredible progression, Maria takes it too far. She can reach the point of egoistic and self absorbed in the most obvious ways, complimenting herself when others won't - her confidence is two-faced.
She is very biased. Even while she is a welcoming type, others who don't have the best history with her aren't in her interest. Her bias is based off of her own opinion and even the opinion of her friends or allies (through a historical standing) . There’s been so many instances where she cut countries off for the sake of other countries (like choosing relations with Taiwan above relations with China). She has many friends - but she is a centrist to only those friends.
Like a Panamanian women, she also tends to be the rather jealous type. Friends are sometimes exceptions to this, but even so, jealousy is a large flaw in her. but you can tell by her expression when she’s jealous because it is super obvious. And its really embarrassing/shameful.
Another flaw is that she can also be a pushover because of the reason that she doesn't word herself out to the world well enough. She gets dependent on others to help her out with issues like security (considering she doesn't even have her own military), and even while she attempts at denial she has full acceptance of this and is very well aware of it, and so takes a stand for herself in attempt to be independent even more than she already is.
Panama is well cultured, she sticks to her own culture a lot and adores things from her country like nature and dances - though this can make her very prideful over things which make her so interesting (such as the Canal, diversity, etc). Panama takes so much pride in her culture in canal its actually kind of a turn off to see her bragging about her importance in global trade. Beyond popular belief she is a very important country. And that’s why if there is the opportunity, she will add in a gloat or a brag. She doesn't do it to come across as rude, she’s just proud of what she became. This leads to her gloating.
Panama can get easily embarrassed because her happy personality sometimes leads her to do things that embarrass her later on, such as when she would start to lisp accidentally when speaking Spanish too quickly. Mostly her family can get her this way with a mention of one of her previous acts.
In all, she's a lot like a typical Panamanian: cheerful and optimistic, since Panamanians are officially the happiest people on the globe/ranked happiest nation with gullap polls (two years in a row) and are also the world's most optimistic.
Her personality ranges widely but in all she is a girl with a sunny way of being and someone who comes across as welcoming and kind. 

*Personality is highly based on the common attitudes of Panamanian women / Panamanian people in general however also includes attitude of the country in terms of history + foreign relations

Maria has curly, long black hair that reaches down until about her butt - Long hair is very popular and cultural within Panamanian women, along with being a beauty standard. As well as that, black is the most common hair color in Panama. She has gained these very thick and defined, yet messy and free curls through Spanish and Colombian influence being under both of their colonization, however they are rounder in curl type for additional Caribbean influences. Her bangs at her forehead are split into an equal three and they three largest provincial-level indigenous regions in her country which are called Comarcas. - Embera-Wounaan, Kuna Yala and Ngobe-Bugle. She also has long strands of her curly hair falling over her shoulders and reach around up to her chest. The curl at the top of her head is a turned (to the left) ’S’ shape. That is the shape of her country and represents her capital, Panama City (thus why it is the country shape - for the literal “Panama” in the capitals name). The flower in her hair being the national flower represents religion (Roman Catholic, a dominant religion which over 80% of Panamanians identify as Roman catholic) due to it’s name meaning “Holy Spirit Orchid”.
Panama has a one of a kind echo system hosting some of the most diverse wildlife in the ENTIRE hemisphere and world which is what her bright emerald colored eyes represent ( Read this and geography section for more information; )
Her skin is tanned, the color being a dark caramel, showing the Latin heritage of the nation and its predominantly Mestizo (mixed; Amerindian and white) population, however the color is darker than most other Latin countries’ due to influence of the darker skinned races (West Indian) present in Panama. It's tone is more gold due to the large Chinese immigrats, rather than reddish.
Panama has no official military or military uniform, so she does not wear a military-based outfit (yet she does have uniforms from Independence, 1914-ish, WW2, and around 1988). The outfit she is wearing consists of a Basquiña (household blouse), it's a white blouse worn by women to do their daily work- casual yet cultural and pretty. The materials are thin and light, good for the hot tropical climate of Panama. More about her outfit is said here; - The full outfit is considered a dress, a Pollera de Baila (minus the accessories/Tembleque). It's actually quite comfortable (due to its purpose being for dances, as well) and is considered a casual dress.
She wears a golden traditional bracelet, it's for the major gold exportation in Panama, the native people's view on gold, rumors of El Dorado involving Panama and that it's a very popular accessory metal for both national (pollera gala) and casual costumes.
The pearl necklace represents the Pearl Islands, one of the most significant archipelagos in Panama and also the most famous. It's named so and called so for some of the finest pearls in the world have been discovered there - including the largest and most famous pearl in the world; La Peregrina (discovered in the early 1500s). It was worn by many kings, queens and royal families throughout history, including Philip II of Spain, Mary I of England, Queen Margarita, Joseph and Charles Louis Bonaparte, James Hamilton and Elizabeth Taylor. 
Her shoes are dark green flats with the native Guna (Kuna) Mola pattern in a lighter green.

Panamanian's take hygiene seriously, so she is a very clean and well groomed young lady with more of a natural beauty rather than an artificial kind (makeup). She's short, height of 5'1" (154 cm) (average for a Panamanian woman).
*Body/Figure  and facial features headcanons are in the Headcanons section » HERE «

Geography Overview:
Panama is the southernmost country in Central America, with the Panamanian isthmus connecting North and South America with the Panama Canal. She is surrounded by Colombia to the right (or south) and Costa Rica to the left (north). Panama has a one of a kind echo system hosting some of the most diverse wildlife in the entire hemisphere. Panama is said to have three times more biodiversity than the U.S.A, Canada and all of Europe combined. It's also home to the second largest rain forest in the Western Hemisphere… and it is located in Panama City. The capital is the only one in the world to boast a rain forest within the city limits! [key point to why she has the green eyes representing that]. Panama is abundant with flowers and creatures, like the national flower being a rare orchid by the name of la flor de espiritu santo ("Holy spirit flower" in English, also called "dove orchid" because if you look inside of it it looks like a dove). Many animals go around the country, birds, lizards and butterflies (etc.); One aspect of Panama's natural habitat that make it so unique is its distinct location between the deserts of Northern Central American and the Rain Forests of South America. Due to this fact, it has animal species that cannot be found in any other place in the world, like the Panamanian Golden Frog and Giant Sloth. Panama also boasts 940 avian species, which is the largest number in Central America, and boasts multiple world records in terms of bird watching (hosts more birds than the U.S and Canada combined and has the most powerful bird of prey, Harpy Eagle, as the national bird). 'Panama' in a native language meant 'abundance of fish, butterflies and trees', a name given by the native people due to their natural way of life on the land. Hot climates make her an excellent host for many species, however also an intense ecosystem which has made Panama very hard to colonize or work on throughout history. Panama, also, has many elevation levels (Steep hills and mountainous regions), part of what made the canal constructing for the French very difficult because they wanted a sea-level canal. One of Panama's geographical wonders is the severe lack of natural disasters, it's one of the safest places away from earthquakes and hurricanes, and when they do happen they are often of very low magnitude and only within the Chiriqui province. 

History of Panama
Fun Facts about Panama
*I have moved the history, headcanons and fun facts to links because it took up too much space on this description. Now it may be read following the directory above ^
I encourage you to browse over them to see how developed and researched my character is considering I wrote/re-phrased everything in the history/fun facts write ups by hand - most info being from books/articles (credits in the links). Happy reading !

International Relations:
(Small summaries - These are the main relations - If you would like some in depth I can tell you more information
Alphabetical per continent!)

| The Americas |

~ Brazil ~
    Their relations aren't as old yet they have been getting along very well. Brazil and Panama share similarities such as fiestas and bananas. The two of them have the worlds most memorable carnival celebrations. During World War II, Brazil was a country who's services were brought to care for Panama's defense (ordered by the USA) and they have been friends since. They have a cultural agreement and have been improving in the field of friendship.

~ Colombia ~
    Colombia and Panama had close relations during Spanish times. Panama was counted as the same land as Colombia for a very long time, even during Gran Colombia. Their relations got drastically poor once Panama succeeded from Colombia with the help of the USA in 1903. Panamanians and Colombians can often be described as 'hating each other' in modern day. While Colombian influence is one of the highest on Panama, that was result of Spanish times where they were 'the same'. Panamanian independence is a giant celebration and Panama loves being a country while Colombia continues to hold a grudge. Their sisterly-friendship stopped growing long ago, yet they understand each other very well.

~ Costa Rica ~
    These two have been childhood friends back during Spanish colonization and often believed that because of their geographical close-ness, the native peoples influenced each other even earlier than times of the New World. They lost touch often yet their bond is still well maintained. While they have very positive relations, they bicker over the border all the time. Panama and Costa Rica often signed unfair treaties and had multiple canal disputes. Their history isn't the longest yet it is by far one of the smoothest flowing friendships they both have. They're still long-term allies and trade partners.

~ Mexico ~
    Mexico and Panama have had relations since the year following Panama's independence. Panama's alliance with Mexico is quite strong in an economic sector as well, they are in the top partners for one another, along with the FTA. Mexico had aided Panama in escaping the 'black list' and they are each other's gates to Panama joining the Pacific Alliance. It was said that Mexican troops were also recruited to help with the Panama Canal zone during World War 2. In all, the two nations share easy relations which have been simple for a while now.

~ United States of America ~
    They go way back to the early 1800's while Panama was still a Colombian province with an alliance dating way back from 1840. Modern American influence is awfully high and Panama is the most industrialized Latin American country because of the mostly-American-made and famous Panama Canal. They used to bicker often in the mid 1900's and have indeed had the Manuel Noriega conflict but their relationship has a giant worldly impact (world trade, Panama is of vital importance to the US and the US is the primary partner in Panama's alliances) and often personal sincerity. The USPA business council mentioned how Panama was the "best friend in the hemisphere of the United States". Panama is also 90% Pro-US.

~ Venezuela ~
    Panama and Venezuela, even though being in the same union of Gran Colombia, have had increasingly poor relations just as Panama did with Colombia. Just recently they have finally cut their ties under unfriendly matters, only to have them re-established upon selection of Panama's new president. Venezuela's Communism contrasts against Panama's democracy. Venezuela refuses strengthen their democracy while Panama wishes for it to grow democratic. In result, they disagree very often and have distant views on many things.

| Europe |

~ France ~
    The Franco-Panamanian relations began during early times of the Panama Canal (around the 1880's), which originally was a French project resulting in failure - this caused many scandals involving the economy in France. Even while they were unsuccessful, the influence France left is very large, including cuisine and architectural styles. France helped with the Noriega conflict where the awful military general served a long time in French prisons after he did so in American jails. Panama is one of France's major trade partners in Latin America. It has been staying casual for a while now.

~ Italy ~
    Through Argentina, Italian influence has grown very high in Panama. Similarities exist such as the fact that both Italians and Panamanians 'talk with their hands', which many believe is a Panamanian aspect which originated from the Panamanian-Italians. Italy and Panama were at war during the World Wars because they stand on different sides (Allies vs. Axis) yet there was nearly no real front-combat. New locks which are being imported for the expansion of the Panama Canal are from Italy and Italy supports Panama as a growing nation.

~ Netherlands ~
    Netherlands is known for being very productive with international business and Panama is considered and important partner to Netherlands in the business sector due to Panama's competitive economy and Panama's Free Trade Zone being a gateway for the Netherlands into the hemisphere. Back during the Spanish times, the Dutch were the second (after the Spaniards) that considered the idea of the Panama Canal and wished to construct it (however then turned to Nicaragua as their site, and failed). In 2012 the Netherlands was Panama's 2nd-3rd largest trade partner and Panama had organized a Trade Fair in the Netherlands in 2013, it was to see how both can strengthen the partnership of both countries.

~ Spain ~
    Panama was a Spanish colony for and was actually the first colony in Central America to leave Spain, one year before the Central revolution where Central America (minus Panama, who had succeeded earlier) joined the Mexican Empire. Spaniards wiped out nearly all of Panama's pre-colonial history. One of the tragedies about Panama is that there is no known native history. Spain only began to focus on defending Panama after the re-build of Panama City after its burn-down due to a pirate raid. Spain did value Panama's geographical position (it being an important part of the Spanish Empire's development), Panama was a decently wealthy colony and holds its Spanish influence.

~ United Kingdom of Great Britain ~
    Anglo-Panamanian relations are old, considering the English-Spanish wars costantly fought in Colonial times. In early times, Scotland wanted to colonize the lands where Panama currently stands. English pirates did constant raids back when Panama was a giant crossroad in the Spanish importing of riches and gold found from the Inca Empire. She has especially bad memory of Henry Morgan which ended up in a complete burn of Panama City. While that is there, their relations now a days healed alright and they work at good relations yet the views are staying neutral.

| Asia |

~ China ~
    While China uses the Panama Canal often (2nd largest canal user in the world), many Panama offers for trade agreements have been declined by China over and over again due to Panama's friendship with Taiwan. China refused to recognize Panama as a country in early times after her independence. Constant (yet still very mild) disputes occur due to their ally-preferences. Even so, they have been growing to gain more abilities to trade and stay as positive as it gets. Panama kept its relations with Taiwan over relations with China.

~ Israel ~
    Panama was one of the first countries to recognize Israel's independence. Since then, Panama has consistently voted with Israel, including voting against Palestinian Statehood. Panama’s Jewish community has also evolved and grown - As of 2010, the number was closer to “about 8,000,”. Jews are one of the highest ethnicities (while there are so many) in Panama and most of the time end up being wealthy business-owners. Their future seems even brighter than it is now.

~ Taiwan ~
    While Panama had never had a sturdy friendship with Asia (mainly China, regardless of their big trade interaction they just don't get along), Taiwan had been an ally and supporter of Panama from the early 1900's. Panama recognized the independence of Taiwan, Their relationship is similar to the situation with Costa Rica, minus the border. It's not a world-changing history however their constant support makes it important. Taiwan is Panama's 2nd largest trade partner.

~Panama has many good relations, especially within the European Union and the rest of the American continents~
~More to be added~

I keep updating this ahah. You're never done while making a good OC, hm? Well, I am pretty pleased with this update.
And I also have this now, for any physical details for people who draw her:


Art/Panama © ME
Hetalia © Himaruya Hidekaz
Flag, Map © found on google
This Image and OC is not for you to repost, reference off, use for your own benefit nor trace or copy, please do not use! DO NOT copy my ideas / headcanons / written ideas / design / etc. etc. ! You cannot RP as this OC, she is only for my use.
If you wish to use her for things such as comics/pictures, of course you may (if you credit me), and I will appreciate it! Thank you~

If you want the template, I did make it myself, so you can get it here --> Please don't remove the credit
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Brazil and Panama hold the world's 1st and 2nd largest carnival celebrations.
And it's reference to the Brazil-Panama Cultural Center (CCBP) in Panama that's dedicated to the teaching of the Brazilian Portuguese language as well as to the publicizing of the Brazilian culture in the Panamanian capital.

Thank you, though~!
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I think I have something you can add in Panama's relations in Europe if you want, it's about Scotland :) (it's something apart of the fact that Scotland wanted to establish a colony in Darién)
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She's so beautiful! I love her! you draw very well la basquiña and I think you also know more than I of the history (and I'm Panamanian x3) 
but... actually November 3rd is separation from Colombia, not independence ^^'...
kamillyanna Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm glad you like her, it means a lot to me !! <333

And actually the independence from Spain did not result in a fully autonomous state - Panama became a provincial state, called the Isthmian Department, under Colombia. Panama was not a nation in the Gran Colombia union unlike Ecuador and Venezuela, it was a part of Colombia. As a result, Nov. 3rd is more of an Independence Day than the 28th, considering the 3rd created Panama as the nation (the 28th did not) uvu Nov 3rd is also what's known as Panama's independence day worldwide. 
Magicaciliana Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
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Though I was born in Costa Rica I was raised in Panama and it always makes me happy when people talk about my home! don't really speak french or english here, only if you're an inmigrant or something, but apart from that everything is perfect! :3
She's beautifle
kamillyanna Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha I'm very happy you like it <333 I'm glad I could do you service !

But French and English are historically impactful languages; English is still more widely spoken in Panama than most other Latino countries and it was the language of the Canal Zone, after all. As well as that during the Panama Canal construction, first attempt by the French, the French language was mandatory in schools. Spanish is official but these two are still rooted in Panama. uvu
marshmellowXglumps Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015  Student General Artist
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I'm glad you enjoyed the little headcanon and learned something, it makes me happy to hear <33
It's just-- haha, Bahrain and Panama don't have significant relations (from my research they're non-existent, except they do have a bilateral agreement which is pretty outdated, from the 80s) so idk if they'd be a real duo but definitely two pearl enthusiasts !!
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I don't think that's an accurate interpretation - the clothing is specifically Panamanian and she has curly hair (very uncommon in Asian nations), not to mention if you check her facial guides she has un-asianic like features.
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preaty cool ;u;! and oc of my country! cool!
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Panama was the one of the first to recognize Israel?

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Yes~! <3
Along with that, Panama in terms of foreign policy is actually said to be the most sincere friend of Israel uvu

Peres said he was not sure if Panama is the greatest country in the world, but it is the greatest friend of Israel in the world. He thanked Martinelli for Panama’s long-standing support for Israel and the Jewish People “on every issue and at every occasion.”
“You have a true friend who wants nothing in return”
- President Shimon Peres (of Israel 2007-2014)
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I didn't know

I feel so stupid bc I didn't knew it before ><"

I didn't know my country have relations with Panama xP
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