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APH: Andorra OC by kamillyanna APH: Andorra OC by kamillyanna

Country: Principality of Andorra

Capital: Andorra la Vella

Languages: Catalan (official) + Spanish, French and Portuguese 

Birthday: September 8th ("Our Lady of Meritxell Day", Andorra's national day)

Human Name: Meritxell Vilaro 
(Meritxell is a female Catalan ("Andorran") name from the name of a village in Andorra. "Our Lady of Meritxell" is also the patron saint of Andorra. Vilaro is her surname because it is from province of Catalonia, and was thought to be originally from France from the 13th century "Vilaroux")

Age: 23 years (by appearance)
She is over 700 as an independent principality. 

Personality: { Calm | Easy-going | Aware | Educated | Defensive | Quiet | Having higher Expectation }
Andorra is a fairly calm woman who is open to change, as well as being very well-aware of things around her. She has a go-with-the-flow sort of vibe due to the reason that she is fairly old, herself. She's been around for a long time and thus accepts change. Even so, she doesn't let go of her culture. While Andorra is a fairly adaptive lady, and did end up being more modern, she does prefer to keep folk-like customs for herself. 
Andorrans are this way, they easily notice and accept different opinions and behaviors. Even while she has this understanding quality considering foreigners are a very common sight for her (tourism being the main industry in Andorra), she still prefers modesty over anything else. She doesn't do so well with people whom are loud, wealth-flashy and provocative. Andorra herself prefers a calmer way of being where rudeness is not appreciated. Thus she tries to not end up that way, herself. Because of that, she does tend to be easily intimidated and that is flawed to where she would rather give the silent treatment rather than respond at all. She isn't as shy as many would think, Andorra does welcome others, however she ends up having standards to where she expects for people to often behave well. 
Andorra isn't the sarcastic type, she's straight forward, in both good and bad ways. Though sometimes because of her (very Andorran) ideology of not being rude (since it will easily get you stared at in society), she tends to lie to not upset people, which can end up being a fairly bad thing. 
She is a small country she then gets rather defensive towards critique. Andorra does try to show the best of her majority of the time, she is fairly well aged and educated throughout the long time that she has been around, so she can be seen as a mature figure with a little modern spark she has had since the 20th century. 
- WIP - 

Appearance: Andorra has a height of around 5'3", closer to average height of an Andorran female. She has a more chestnut brown hair color for the Catalan ethnicity (which are what Andorrans are, ethnically, and majorly influenced by in culture). Her bangs are side-swept, majority facing (her) right (screen-left). The bangs on that side are fairly messed to show the large influence of the Portuguese (considering it is one of a well spoken minority languages in her country and 21% of Andorrans are Portuguesse), and the Spanish (which have held a good influence on Andorra through history considering she was under the control of Spain and the Catalan cultural majority). Her hair length is slightly past her shoulders and wavy yet is styled in two braids at the sides pulled ip into more of a traditional up-do. The curl in her hair is Lake Engolasters - It's an oblong shaped lake close to the capital of Andorra. It has a legend that it was created by unleashed powers causing a gush of water and destines all the stars illuminated by the beautiful lake to fall from the sky and stay as prisoners there for all eternity. 
She doesn't wear the headdress of Andorra (a cloth-like easy accessory), but her outfit is the national costume of Andorra (for women) - references here and here. This is the more cultural option of the national dress, with traditional rose-like patterns. 
The eye color is a dim grey-ish blue (verses a brighter light blue) and shows the French influence which took place at the same time as the Spanish since her independent principality in 1278 still positioned under control of both Spain and France. 
Her skin is fair, like majority of the population, and other European influences she possesses.  

Geography + History: - WIP - 

International Relations:  

- WIP - 

AHH she's still a huge WIP considering I am continuously still doing research on her.
I'll get to more info write-up soon enough
Art/Andorra me 
Hetalia Himaruya Hidekaz
Flag, Map found on google
This Image is not for you to reference off, use for your own benefit nor trace or copy, please do not use! Thank you~
If you want the template, I did make it myself, so you can get it here --> Please don't remove the credit
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I-renic Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Another awesome OC?!?! How am I supposed to deal with that? Ahhh she's so pretty!! Great work, Kami!! <33 Your Hetalia OC's are the best!
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kamillyanna Featured By Owner May 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ajfrj thank you, Mel <3 But yes omf please do help me, i'd love some info on Andorra if you can be of assistance kajfref
melonstyle Featured By Owner May 10, 2014
sure thing! I just need to dig up some of my notes! I can critique the bio too, ahaha - at some point anyway!
kamillyanna Featured By Owner May 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha when i have a more complete bio, yes (when im actually progressing with it and have more info, omf) 
NerdyJones Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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I like your OC! She is so beautiful! I can help you with finding what kind of relationship Andorra has with Portugal. (I have a Portugal OC and also need to find out the relationship she has with Andorra also)
Arione-rii Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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